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Nor-Tec Safety Policy

Nor-Tec Group is committed to working proactively with all workers in a spirit of consultation and communication to develop, implement, and maintain a quality safety program. Our commitment includes ensuring that workers are provided their right to a safe and healthy work environment.

Our program is reviewed annually to ensure that all policies, procedures, and practices are up to date with the most current trends, legislation, and applicable standards. An audit of the safety program is also completed annually.

We develop health and safety programs that meet established standards.


Management maintains the responsibility of providing a safe work environment through training, communication, and hazard recognition.

Management is accountable for the rights of all workers, by ensuring worker concerns and suggestions are documented and corrective action is completed.


Safety Representatives are responsible for identifying hazards with co-workers, meeting with management/supervisors to develop solutions, communicating concerns, and making suggestions for the improvement of health and safety.


Foremen are accountable for implementation and enforcement of the program through communication, training, and hazard recognition.  Supervisors will ensure worker concerns and suggestions are documented and shared with management.


Workers are responsible for communicating concerns, unsafe conditions, and proactive suggestions. Knowing the fundamental rights (know-participate-refuse) is important for making making sure safety is never sacrificed for expediency.

Working together to ensure a successful safe work environment

Safety is a condition of employment that will be observed by all and play an integral part in job planning and execution.

Nor-Tec Group asks that all workers, contractors and suppliers work together to ensure a successful safe work environment.

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